Tile Trends at Cersaie 2018

β€œThe BIGGER, the BETTER”

We were at Cersaie this year and one of the biggest (most obvious) trend seemed to large format tiles, it continues to be a popular trend in interiors.

We have been visiting the exhibition for many years and large format tiles have been a constant trend has been around for a few years. Surprisingly the trend is not going anywhere, as it will remain to be popular in 2019. The only thing that is going to change is the thickness of the large format tiles.


So why are these tiles so popular?

Large format tiles on walls and floors have the ability to reduce the joints and discontinuities in surfaces; almost achieving a seamless finish.  Less grout lines, continuous surfaces can transform any small or large space.


The exceptional size can produce spaciousness; if you are aiming to design an impression of openness and uninterrupted space , a large format tile is the ideal solution.


Large format surfaces open up new possibilities for design, creating the way for endless applications. Its format, thickness and high technical specifications make an outstanding choice for worktops, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and worktables. Example of this was shown at many booths at Cersai 2018.